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  • Nov 06, 2020

What Qualities Your WordPress Developer Should Possess

WordPress has set up a certain benchmark in the sphere of website creation. Today WordPress web development is much more than templates, themes or plugins. WordPress developers in Malaysia are the versatile lot, who develop functional sites and inject life into them. So what are the attributes of a competent WordPress developer? Let’s find out:

Technical Skill Set:
Possessing good knowledge about varied technologies & being competent of producing masterpieces are the basic of professional WordPress developers. They should have complete code base knowledge about Xref & Trac, MySQL and PHP, and can set up the local development environment and run the nightly build. Also, they’ve to master many WordPress associated technologies, like plugins, cores and diverse themes to create a functional WordPress website. With proper technical skill set, competent WordPress developers can go ahead of their competitors. Your WordPress developer must have knowledge about:

WordPress API

WordPress child themes

Action & filter hooks

CLI (Command line)

Have a version control system in place

Build tools

Web design trends, technologies, frameworks

Knowledge about other systems apart from WordPress

WordPress news, trends, drawbacks

Active partaking in the WordPress community

Learner’s Mindset:
Competent WordPress developers must comprehend that the WordPress versions are always keeping forward & so does the environment. It entails that to be a capable WordPress developer; they need to keep themselves in check of the newest designs, security trends and technologies to produce a site that are both modern and stable.

A WordPress developer must join different online WordPress forums where people allocate their insights & tips. The web world is a treasure house for WordPress developers in Malaysia where they have access to tips and techniques which aid them in application of latest techniques.

Attention and Self-Motivation:
To persistently build up abilities & have a full insight regarding WordPress platform’s all aspects is what WordPress pros must do, because WordPress can offer a range of options including plugins, e-commerce, front-end designs and themes. Henceforth, to be a competent developer, they must possess specialized knowledge to set them apart from their competitors.

They should explain precisely how they’ll attain their goals:
Before you commit to work with any particular developer, you must ask them how they will attain their goals. Even if you don’t have a great deal of technical knowledge about how WordPress work, the developer must explain the work they’ll be performing, why they’re doing things that way and what the outcomes will be.

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