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  • Apr 01, 2020

Web Design Techniques That You Should Avoid At Any Cost

Designing a website needs artistic endeavor, visualization from user’s point of view, and great technical skills to convert the visualized design into obvious creativity. The worst thing any firm can do is to copy another company’s website & implement it as his/her own. There’re a few web design techniques that should be avoided at any cost:

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Making use of tables in website layout:
Making use of tables in a web page layout makes the page complex, as most layout tables employ a lot of table attributes like colspan, rowspan and nested tables. Though designing tables may be easy, the maintenance is tough. Most screen readers find it tough to comprehend tables as they’re supposed to read it in the sequence displayed in HTML, and the content inside a table layout becomes bewildering when read from left to right & top to bottom. This is further exacerbated when the table is nested. HTML5 advocates ignoring tables in page layout & HTML 4.01 disallows it. Presentation is kept separate from HTML, when CSS is employed, so maintenance of tables in CSS is a little easier. Tables might hinder the flexibility of the page affect SEO. Nested tables require a lot more time to load than CSS for the same design.

Infinite scrolling:
Though scrolling is a very popular design & frequently used across most websites (especially e-commerce), it’s not for every website. Using this method depends on the goals of the website. If the goal of the site is to stream content continuously & the content structure is flat, it can be helpful. Nonetheless, if the goal of the site is to help users to locate a specific task or compare choices, it can hurt user experience.

In particular task accomplishment, users find grouped content more fascinating. The user might feel overwhelmed by the abundance of info presented by scrolling a never ending page. Therefore, infinite scrolling is a bad technique for websites focused on task accomplishment activities. This needs them to back-track their search or find an exact content.

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