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  • Jun 11, 2020

Top 4 Characteristics of Websites that Lures a Large Volume of Traffic

The success of your business website dramatically depends on how capable it is to lure visitors. It has been proved that if visitors like a website, they’ll most probably recommend it to their friends. All this means that when you’re constructing your site, you’ve to take into account how to make users love it.

Well, there’re many common characteristics of websites that lures a large volume of traffic. Here are the characteristics:

Build a simple & attractive web design:
These 2 points may look confusing, but usually the most attractive web designers are the simplest. When it is about user experience, simplicity is usually a great plus. Sometimes when business owners construct a site, they wish to add as much elements & functionalities as probable. Then they end up in a circumstance that it takes a lot of time for users to get what they’re searching for.

When the design of your website is clean & simple it can give the visitor a sense of time and space. So, choose your website designer in Malaysia wisely!

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Make your website mobile-friendly:
The mainstream of web traffic these days comes from mobile devices. This trend is not going to stop and is expected to become even bigger in the coming years. For the majority of users smartphones are the main access point to internet which entails that they connect a website with its mobile version instead of its desktop one.

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Be precise & to the point:
You’ve perhaps seen websites they aren’t very transparent on what they proffer & what they can do for consumers. Give yourself a few seconds to think about it, ask yourself how keen were you in those firms? Possibly, not much! Don’t make that mistake on your business website! Rather make it simpler for your visitors to know what you are exactly offering and how your products or services can help them. Be precise to let them know the advantages of using your company & how they can get started. Or how they can place an order, purchase your products, etc.

Give your users a reason to come back:
In this digital era, information gets outdated pretty fast! Henceforth, it’s really critical to add new info to your site frequently. Give your consumers & visitors a reason to come back. Also, major search engine like Google loves websites that have fresh & new information.