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  • Oct 23, 2019

The Enduring Significance of Social Media Marketing

It’s quite hard to believe that only a few years have passed since social media marketing was considered as a momentous trend for digital marketing. Even much harder for you to believe is how much it has improved over the years! After all, it’s evolved into an impossible to miss out approach to brand and product marketing.

In the current social media driven landscape, more brands are consistently seeing the great value of influencers in terms of reach, impact and ROI. Even the companies that have been reluctant earlier are now considering social media marketing.

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What makes social media marketing important?

Over the past decade, social media has become a great part of our day to day lives. So this makes sense why more number brands flock to the marketing platform, only to reach consumers in more numbers. No matter what, social platforms have greatly eliminated the visibility of organic content in the current years. As a result, it has shortened the reach of brands.

As the social platforms start shifting, the brands using them and doing paid promotion have become important to getting seen and staying relevant. However, digital consumers always get better at tuning out online advertising and the ad blocking software applications helps them ignoring ads easily.

Even, brands should find completely new approach to make their digital advertising work. For many brands, the ultimate solution is the social media marketing. In fact, most marketers think that social media helps them reach a more targeted audience and some of them believe that their social media strategy is found to be effective enough to drive more sales.

Increasing budgets and going for deep integration –
Earlier, it was common for brands to execute one-off social media campaigns with influencers. Typically, the campaigns would involve a great array of posts that weren’t necessarily combined to a broad objective.

But now, the marketers have observed the possibilities of social media marketing and dedicating more their investments to this approach. Moreover, the social media marketing is expected to improve around $10 billion industry by 2020. The budgets for influencer marketing are growing day after day and year after year. Therefore, the deep integration to broader marketing campaigns will enhance subsequently.

The final takeaway for brands and online businesses –
Social media marketing is a great channel for most brands and online businesses that they can’t afford to ignore. Social media partnerships will provide them with increasing level of visibility and maximize reach with their engaged audiences that they can’t achieve certainly through any other platforms.

If social media campaigns are conceived strategically and managed effortlessly, they will give brands a great boost in achieving customer retention. This is the reason why they are becoming the perfect way to improve ROI in digital marketing.

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