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  • May 20, 2019

PPC Advertising – How Beginner Mess Up Things

Being a leading PPC advertising agency in Kula Lumpur we often get phone calls from small businesses wanting us to help them make money over the internet. One of the most common statements we hear from these small businesses is “I’ve already tried PPC advertising & it does not work. Here in this post, we’ve explained why PPC advertising does not work for starters.

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Not using enough keywords:
Spotting the most lucrative keyword phrases first needs that you develop a keyword file of all the probable keyword phrases that anybody who’s keen in your service would search through Google. Majority of the beginners use just 20 or 25 keywords in whole, where the bare minimum for most small businesses must be 1,000-2,000 keyword phrases.

Not optimizing regularly:
The most difficult month for pay per click advertising, and the lowest ROI, is in the initial month, because it’s during this month that you’re experimenting to spot the keywords which generate the most revenues for your business. Performed wrongly, the initial month can cost you thousands of dollars without any result. But as soon as the ‘money words’ have been recognized, regular bid management & optimization is needed to boost ROI from the monthly advertising expense.

Not geo-targeting their campaigns:
Geo-targeting is important especially for a service company to get the maximum ROI from advertising expenses. The last or worst thing you wish to pay for site viewers which are from locations that you can’t service.

Poor construction of text ads:
Writing productive text ads, using established marketing guidelines, will boost your CTR (click-through-rate), enhance your quality score and, in result, reduce your average Cost Per Click (CPC).

No tracking of conversions:
In PPC campaign conversion tracking is the most crucial factor, because this’s how you evaluate success of all of the preceding 4 points in the campaign. Most notably, by tracking conversions at the keyword level you can raise your spending on the keywords that are generating results & reduce spending on the keywords which aren’t producing outcomes, eventually raising your ROI.

Pay-per-click advertising in Malaysia is quickly turning out to be an effective marketing channel subjugated by online marketing professional. When a starter attempts to run a pay-per-click campaign by themselves, competing against experienced pros, they quickly run out of their budget without any result to show. This is why we’d always suggest to use the service offered by a professional and minimize the risk.

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