4 UX Tips to Consider for Higher Conversion Rates

Do you want higher conversion rates? If yes, then you should focus on user experience. Therefore, understanding of UX (Or UXD –User Experience Design) is important. Now it has become much harder to attract and retain regular customers.

After all, visitors who are happy


Is It The Right Time To Appoint An SEO Company In Malaysia? Top 4 Signs

It is quite surprising to know that nearly a ¼ of all businesses still are not employing SEO despite the fact that digital marketing has taken over the marketing world quite significantly. Without an acutely planned marketing strategy, you are actually wasting your time on ineffective marketing campaigns.


iTech47 Named a Leader in the India Advertising and Marketing Industry!

The importance of digital presence has been rapidly increasing for years now, but what constitutes such a presence has been subject to great change. Simply having a well-built website is no longer enough to drive business in a meaningful way, and the ability to place yourself in front of your audience is quickly becoming a


Future Trends of UX Design that Determine the Demand for UX Designers

It has been more than 25 years when Don Norman, the current Director of the Design Lab at the University of California coined the term “user experience design” for the very first time. And today UX design has come a long way, and the demand for UX designers is at its peak! Companies are investing heavily for getting a g


Link Building Strategies to Match the Pace of the Digital Marketing Race

Digital marketing and search engine optimization services have seen drastic changes in the last few years, and the credit goes to the release of Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Both these updates have put a great impact on the digital marketing practices that include the link building tricks and strategies. And