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  • Sep 24, 2019

Must Have Attributes of A Good UX Designer in Malaysia

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With UX design in Malaysia becoming more popular & in demand, the need to expand skills is clear. Here are a few must-have skills for UX designers.

UX Research:
If you wish to be taken seriously as a UX designer in Malaysia you have to boost your skills in UX research. There is a lot that goes into making a mobile application or website and many of the decisions UXers make aren’t just plucked from thin air but are carefully thought out, studies and researched. From cognitive psychology to computer science there is always something for the promising UXer to lean & employ in their design process.

No man is an island. And it is the same for UXers. Unless you know how to code, design, handle projects, comprehend products and marketing, you are going to have to collaborate with others in the design process. Research can only take you so far. But collaborating is your chance to work in other areas & apply what you have learned with different people whose skills match your own.

UX writing:
Writing is the unsung hero of UX. People talk highly about coding, which is a skill that should not be sacked, but writing is a skill that can be fostered over less time to make exceptional user experiences. Pick up your phone & look at any of your applications and it’ll be filled with flawlessly crafted words, written by someone. You might never have noticed earlier but that is because good UX writing should go overlooked. Great instances include MailChimp, Dropbox and Apple.

Visual communication:
No UX designer can get very far without being completely versed in visual communication. It is at the heart of UX. Humans are visual animals so brushing up your UI design skills will assist you when you’ve to create assets, icons, presentations, interactive prototypes and mockups.

When you make an app or site, you wish to test it. You wish to know how well your design will perform. Analytics are much needed for this. So comprehending numbers, percentages and ratios is a real must when you wish to get your head around the performance of your design. Many UXers fear numbers but they are there to help. Applying analytical info to your design can help you produce better designs, supported by real numbers.

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