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  • May 20, 2019

Is It The Right Time To Appoint An SEO Company In Malaysia? Top 4 Signs

It is quite surprising to know that nearly a ¼ of all businesses still are not employing SEO despite the fact that digital marketing has taken over the marketing world quite significantly. Without an acutely planned marketing strategy, you are actually wasting your time on ineffective marketing campaigns.

If you aren’t actively optimizing your website for search engines, you may need to hire an SEO company in Malaysia to help you and make sure you get a decent return from your website & marketing investments.

SEO Agency Malaysia

Search engine results are the main way customers find about your business. Even a long-established business with skilled staff & great customer service can’t compete with peer companies that are investing in SEO.

If your business isn’t showing at the top of the SERP or if you aren’t seeing your digital marketing dollars convert to sales, your digital marketing strategy might be in a mess.

Here’re 4 signs that it is the time to hire a professional SEO agency in Malaysia:

You are not consistent with your on-site & off-site SEO:
Your SEO strategy shouldn’t be just limited to installing a plug-in to your site. SEO is technical & must encompass proper optimization of your backlink profile and website pages.

Unfortunately SEO is not something you can learn or do in a week. It’ll involve knowledge about programming, SEO best practices, fresh website content, apps that support your work & analytics, and social media promotion to make the most of a marketing campaign.

If you are unable to dedicate regular time every month to execute these above mentioned tasks appropriately, appoint a SEO specialist to help before you lose your business.

Your keywords are not working:
Relying on the field you are working in, your selected keywords might be too common or not offering you the outcomes you are actually looking for. SEO professionals can help you with improving your keywords to get the search result you’re looking for.

You are unable to deal with the quick changes in the SEO industry:
May be your budget lets you to invest just 1 week a year? In the meantime, Google is changing its algorithm every twelve hours. That means you’ve missed out more than 600 change cycles since the last time you restructured your SEO.

Don’t let your ranking suffer by not giving as much time needed for the SEO. Hire an expert SEO service in Malaysia that is up to date with the fast changing SEO skills.

You got a Google penalty:
SEO has its rules & Google will penalize companies that infringe the guidelines in an attempt to boost their rankings.

Avoid getting Google penalties for keyword stuffing, duplicate content and applying black hat SEO strategies. Google will make you pay heavily if it finds your SEO tactics to be black hated in nature.

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