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  • Nov 01, 2019

Consider UX Design to Create a Website that Performs Better

When it comes to web design in Malaysia, focusing on usability and user experience should be paramount. Your website should achieve your objectives and considered a success; if it’s used by customers in a way that fulfills their specific needs.

This is the reason why you should think about your audience when you start the web design process. You have to listen to your customer’s needs and design specifically so that your prospective customers can connect with your brand in a meaningful way.

However, the UX design trends are changing and evolving consistently. Creating a website that performs well takes effort and close attention to user experience from beginning to end. Here are a few things you have to consider for your web design in Malaysia:

Web Design

Design your website responsively.
All websites should be mobile responsive. Most of the customers use their mobile devices as their primary device. If you fail to optimize a website for your prospective customers, you’re likely missing out a great wealth of opportunities.

Intuitive experience
Your onsite experience should be intuitive and easy for the customers to navigate properly. Designing for your customers is paramount so that you can appeal to their requirements and create a website that showcases the way they’d expect to navigate it. After all, the visitors control their interactions at their own pace.

The size of font should be large enough so that it becomes legible and easy for the visitors to read. Always make the use of cohesive and valuable message so that it answers a user’s needs. Use compelling call-to-action that engage users and encourage investing their time with your website and brand. This trend will change never and will continue to be a right practice for more years to come.

Mobile mirror desktop
Your mobile site shouldn’t be different drastically from your desktop version. There should be important similarities which notify the users that they are on the same site as they change from a device to another. You have to ensure that you have a cross-over seamlessly from a platform to the next, which is extremely important for user experience.

Considering a mobile first design approach is a perfect way to handle web design. This is a minimized version of your desktop site. When it won’t capture everything you’d on your desktop version, it has all the essentials that you require.

Customer interactions
When you click something on your website, you should receive some sort of rewards to notify that they have clicked on something. When a specific page is loading, you will see an icon that shows its loading. This helps your prospective audience from thinking that the page is freezing or their device isn’t working.

Think about thumbs
Nowadays most users are accessing websites from mobile. So, you have to think about touch screens. Therefore, placement of icons is extremely important so that you don’t have more buttons close together.

This makes it difficult for someone to put finger to choose only the one that they intend to. You should make the user experience as easy as possible so that it will influence things directly like customer engagement and conversions.

Focus on multimedia
Use multimedia on your website. It can be ideal for giving a rich and immersive user experience. But you should be careful about using these types of elements. These website features will impact on loading time adversely, which negatively affects a good user experience.

When you launch these features, you have to do extensive testing to ensure that it doesn’t affect your website. Consider using videos to convey your website message and get rid of using auto play for the audio which can hurt your usability very well.

Bottom Line –
The UX design world is constantly advancing and evolving. To stay relevant, it’s really important to stay up-to-date on web design trends so that you can give the best experiences as possible for your users.

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