Top 4 Characteristics of Websites that Lures a Large Volume of Traffic

The success of your business website dramatically depends on how capable it is to lure visitors. It has been proved that if visitors like a website, they’ll most probably recommend it to their friends. All this means that when you’re constructing your site, you’ve to take into account how to make users love it.


How to Make the Most of your Social Media Potential

Being a leading provider of social media marketing in Malaysia we often hear from people that social media marketing does not work! Well, let us tell you that it does not work for you because you’re not doing it right. Most firms don’t infuse social media effectively into their marketing endeavors. In fact, they’re pu


The Enduring Significance of Social Media Marketing

It’s quite hard to believe that only a few years have passed since social media marketing was considered as a momentous trend for digital marketing. Even much harder for you to believe is how much it has improved over the years! After all, it’s evolved into an impossible to miss out approach to brand and product marketi


iTech47 Receives 5-Star Review on Clutch!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently received a new review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Using this data-driven business resource, potential clients can see how we stack up against other Malays


Signs That Make You Aware of Having Digital Marketing Services

The normal private company goes through about $75,000 every year on digital advertising. In case you are running on a shoestring spending plan, you surely will not be upbeat going overboard such a sum. In any case, at that point, digital marketing is an important action. Purchasers worldwide presently shop online, which mea