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  • May 20, 2019

4 UX Tips to Consider for Higher Conversion Rates

Do you want higher conversion rates? If yes, then you should focus on user experience. Therefore, understanding of UX (Or UXD –User Experience Design) is important. Now it has become much harder to attract and retain regular customers.

After all, visitors who are happy with your website are not only more likely to buy your products or hire your services, but also to return to your website in the future. But if your website offers a poor user experience, it’s better to expect your users to leave and go elsewhere quickly, ensuring a rising in bounce rate.

Conversion Rates

To prevent this situation & to get higher conversion rates you should follow a few tips outlined below:

1. Start Optimizing “Above the Fold” Content.
Whenever users browse a web page, they make an instant decision as to whether they’re going to stay or not, based on their first impression. This is what makes “Above the Fold” space most important piece of any web page.

Here are some UX tips you should consider to optimize your “Above the Fold” content:

Make sure the content of the web page is compelling and introduces your specialties in a strong approach.

Put subtle visual cues like arrows pointing down that remind the visitors that there’s more content available by scrolling down.

Keep the content of the web page changing through animation in order to appeal visitor’s attention.

Put more emphasis on the important message using visual hierarchy.

2. Try to Keep the Web Page Clean and Simple.
When people visit your website, more often the very first impression they’ll get about your business. This is why you need to make sure that their first impression will be an excellent experience.

Remember that, the first impression of users depend more than just your web page content, like the page loading lime, color scheme, content structure, spacing, fonts, and other visual elements.

Here are a few UX tips to keep your web page clean and simple:

Start linking your company logo to your home page – which will make it a lot easier for the user to return to the main page anytime.

Use colors smartly as some colors have a great role in drawing attention to specific areas of a web page.

Try to say more with fewer words and be concise while creating content and writing your marketing message.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and your pages link to the homepage.

3. Build a Website with Responsive Design in Mind.
In today’s world, a large number of businesses are switching to responsive design for their website to make sure that they’re fully usable on all devices, regardless of screen size. If a visitor browses your website on a mobile device, but can’t access it, obviously they won’t look it up in a pc later.

Therefore, not having a responsive website is likely to make you lose your valuable customers. Don’t forget about the page load times. Around 53 percent of mobile visitors are likely to leave a web page if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

4. Create a Strong CTA.
While thinking about improving conversion rates, nothing beats having a strong CTA – call to action. A CTA is something that tells your website visitor how to get what they came for by visiting your website.

Here are a few UX tips to improve your CTA:

Choose a color for CTA buttons in such a way that can complement the rest of the design.

Focus on the text you use in CTA and avoid using a generic word like “Next” or “Continue”.

Keep the CTA buttons above the fold in order to let your visitors notice them immediately upon their arrival on your web page.

Final Considerations –
Want your business to survive online, also thrive, and grow? So, providing a high-quality user experience is a must. A positive user experience is what makes your visitors more likely turn into your customers, who not only buy something, but also return to do business with you again in the future.

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