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  • Jul 12, 2019

4 Things to Consider When Choosing A WordPress Theme

There’s no scarcity of WordPress themes – that is for sure. Every day we get new free & premium WordPress themes that serve different websites, magazines, video themes, portfolios, and a lot more. In summary, there are huge numbers of WordPress themes and the number only keeps increasing. Now, the question arises here is what to consider when looking to select a WordPress theme? Here are a few tips from a well-known WordPress developer in Malaysia.

WordPress Development Malaysia

Know your needs:
You must be aware of your needs – this is of course the first concern. Start by determining the nature of the site you’re building. Make sure whether it’s a video website or a simple blog? Or the site is going to have a large number of pictures?

Once completed, you’ll have the luxury to shortlist the kind of WordPress theme that best fit your requirements. There’re design-associated concerns also. For instance, content-focused sites might be better off with a pretty nominal WordPress theme, while certain websites need some animation & other look related tweaks.

Check the quality & standards of code:
Your site’s performance can be negatively impacted by a poorly coded WordPress theme. It can fill your database with jinks, slow down things, and exposes it to hackers. Go for a theme that sticks to the advanced coding standards & safe practices.

Ensure there is support & updates:
If the theme is a paid stuff or premium in nature, it must always be supported by top-quality support. You should be able to get support through email, forum, or online tickets. Whenever you face issues with a WordPress theme that you have paid for, the developer should have the skill to guide you.

Prepare a list the features you require:
The features & functionality you will get from a WordPress theme is always questionable. Yes, it does rely on your requirements. If you’re not operating a news website, you possibly don’t require breaking news ticker in your homepage.

Nonetheless, there’re specific features which are a must! For instance, your WordPress theme has to be responsive & mobile friendly. It’s 2019, and you can find smartphone in almost every hand. If your wordpress theme falls short to be responsive, your site will suffer big time.

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