September 25, 2018

Top 7 Visual Marketing Ideas to Be Successful In 2018

Are you finding it hard to drive more traffic & get attention with your social media graphics? Maybe you’re falling short on some innovative ideas that can put your content on the map. With a huge volume of attention-grabbing visual content out there on the web, it’s understandable to get puzzled. We had a discussion with a leading digital marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur regarding a few influential visual marketing ideas that can deliver you exceptional outcomes in 2018. Let’s find out what are these ideas: Produce snackable visual content: Visually communicating a story is perhaps the most innovative visual marketing concepts to attain success. It aids you to create an emotional bonding with your audience. If they get attracted towards your brand through the story, they’ll be connected to your brand strongly. Go with memes: When done in the correct manner the memes have the potential to capture attention....
Web Design Service
August 22, 2018

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes That You Want To Avoid In 2018

In 2018, your web design can make or break your company’s goals. Not only the way it appears, either – the way your site functions and these ease in which browsers can navigate it are also on the card. In fact, you’ve only ten seconds to leave an impression on your visitors. After this time, they will leave. Here we are going to discuss some web design mistakes that you want to avoid in 2018: Generic 404 pages: 404 pages are traffic killers! A survey of 3,475 users illustrated that the mainstream of users don’t even attempt to take a constructive action to sort out the issue. The majority of users simply hit the back button and leaves your website for good. Your landing page uses carousels: Carousels are not always dreadful on their own. However, they become an issue when they scroll mechanically. These carousels are actually conversion killers...

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