Web Design
May 26, 2018

Why Go For Custom Web Design Over Templates

Your business is unique, so don’t every try to compromise its digital picture by perplexing your brand with millions of other brands employing the same template. Though templates can look to be exclusively designed, the fact is they are accessible to & used by, factually millions of other business owners. Let’s talk about why custom web design services in Kuala Lumpur are so popular over their template counterpart. Creative Control: You are finally ready to build your site. May be you have looked at dozens of other websites & made a list of preferred features. You may have sketched up a rough copy of what you imagine your site will look like, or you have selected some images & color scheme. Or perhaps you have not done any of this! Not an issue – part of the web designer’s responsibility is to help you with completely realizing your creative idea,...
Pay Per Click Advertising
May 2, 2018

PPC Advertising – How Beginner Mess Up Things

Being a leading PPC advertising agency in Kuala Lumpur we often get phone calls from small businesses wanting us to help them make money over the internet. One of the most common statements we hear from these small businesses is “I’ve already tried PPC advertising & it does not work. Here in this post, we’ve explained why PPC advertising does not work for starters. Not using enough keywords: Spotting the most lucrative keyword phrases first needs that you develop a keyword file of all the probable keyword phrases that anybody who’s keen in your service would search through Google. Majority of the beginners use just 20 or 25 keywords in whole, where the bare minimum for most small businesses must be 1,000-2,000 keyword phrases. Not optimizing regularly: The most difficult month for pay per click advertising, and the lowest ROI, is in the initial month, because it’s during this month...

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