iTech47 Receives 5-Star Review on Clutch!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently received a new review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Using this data-driven business resource, potential clients can see how we stack up against other Malays


Signs That Make You Aware of Having Digital Marketing Services

The normal private company goes through about $75,000 every year on digital advertising. In case you are running on a shoestring spending plan, you surely will not be upbeat going overboard such a sum. In any case, at that point, digital marketing is an important action. Purchasers worldwide presently shop online, which mea


4 Things to Consider When Choosing A WordPress Theme

There’s no scarcity of WordPress themes - that is for sure. Every day we get new free & premium WordPress themes that serve different websites, magazines, video themes, portfolios, and a lot more. In summary, there are huge numbers of WordPress themes and the number only keeps increasing. Now, the question arises here


Characteristics of a Top-Quality Web Design Company in Malaysia

Finding a web design service in Malaysia that is well-tuned with your business is not easy. Your business is different from your competitors, which means you’ve to look for a specific designer in order to make your business look great online.

Nonetheless, there’re many tried & tested ways to find a web desig


How To Get Started On Social Media? 6 Expert Tips

Looking to get started on social media but are not certain how? We discussed with some social media experts to get their advices on how to get started on social media.